Comments from customers

In the past week we received several e-mails in regards to samples and orders and we wanted to share their comments. Good morning Mel…I got the samples just yesterday so went to the office last night to test them out. In a word…”FANTASTIC”! I’m not at the office yet, but you were first on my […]

Alternative to interchangeable platens

Because our Heat Transfers can be applied to just about any fabric including Nylon and Polypropylene we run into products that just don’t fit under the traditional heat press. If you check with the company where you purchased your heat press they probably offer interchangeable platens. However, there is an inexpensive alternative that gives you […]

Full Color vs Spot Color Transfers

Since we recently added information on our Spot-Color Transfers to our web site customers have been asking what is Spot Color and what does it mean for their designs. The following is a brief description of each process and how they differ from one another. We screen print our Full-Color Transfers using a process called […]